My first studio album will be released on 25th of December on iTunesStore. And next month on many digital content internet-stores like GooglePlay, Amazon and others. I have tried to make this album very sincere, just the way I feel it, without looking back at any critiques, only my feelings and emotions. I think this is the main reason why it turned out to be very warm and soulful. The album consists of 9 tracks. Russian lyrics were written by a famous Russian poetess Tanya Ivanova and English lyrics were written by Rhett Raha aka. Kidforce. He also sang the vocal part on The "Take The Night" track. In the "Madina" I used the poem of the great American poetess Edna St.Vincent Millay "To A Young Poet". The recording and mastering were carried out at OsinskyStudio in Moscow. Trumpet part in the "Rain" was played by German trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky. Bass was played by Dmitry Simonov. I think we all did a fucking great job, so I'd like to thank everyone who took part in this work on my album.